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The Wheels Are Beginning To Turn

So, yeah it has been a while since I posted I know but been busy getting the wheels turning and my apartment somewhat organized among other things. Now working on getting into a regular routine as much as I can as the wheels start to turn. It’s taking some time, but I’m slowly getting there.

There still needs to be some organization to the apartment in some areas, but that can be done during normal cleaning times. I also am planning to get rid of my beard next month. I had planned to get rid of it this month, but it didn’t happen, unfortunately.

I have started the path towards quitting smoking working two 12 step programs. One is giving me a workbook and the other is giving me literature and meetings and writing prompts as well. So, tomorrow’s post will be the first of my quitting smoking path and I will be posting on that every other post, which will hopefully be every other day going forward. Support is welcome as well as questions as well as suggestions.

I’m also going to be starting to develop more of a schedule more each week at the beginning of the week going forward. Putting in things I want to do and need to do and building around it. I know I need more structure in my life but I also need some free time in my life as well and so I am going to build my schedule that way each week.

My services are also starting to be rebuilt as well. I have a case manager again though only met to talk with them for a few minutes this past week since they are waiting for an assessment to put my current for meetings to start, which I got done this past Friday. I have peer support services working for me as well. I meet with them soon and I have been assigned a counselor and meet with them starting next month. And, they are looking into why I don’t have a new psychiatrist yet as well. So, things look good going forward with my mental health overall. Still going to be some hurdles to jump as far as dealing with my illness, but I am looking forward to making some progress to dealing with it and getting some sense of normalcy back to my life. Though my life will never fully be normal I know that, but getting it back to what is normal for me will be good.

Finally, after getting all my negative emotions out of my system I am getting ready to come at fiction on Medium by way of Coffee House Writers with a new energy. I am also going to be coming at Non-Fiction on Millennials365 through Coffee House Writers with a new vigor and approach in some ways. Plus, there is my blog where I will be expressing myself and how I deal with life and quitting smoking as well. Along with some projects in the work in the background as well. So, there is plenty of writing in the works and coming at you.

So, things are looking up overall, and I am starting to get things together. I am still going to need help from services to do better. But, I think I can get into a routine that works with that to have an enjoyable life as well as one that is rich in service to others at the same time. I plan to give back to the community even as I work at the same time. It will balance out eventually.

But, I have rambled on long enough for one day. Feel free to leave comments and questions below. As for me, I am going to do work on some schoolwork and do some writing before gaming for a bit. *Tips his hat and walks out the door*.

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