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I Got The Apartment

So by now most of you know I have a new apartment. I finally finished moving in today. Though it left me broke it seems. Thanks to U-Haul’s way of charging for things. Granted I have credit coming back to me, but they majorly overcharged me in the first place. They pretty much charged me double what I paid, and because of that I am stuck waiting a couple of day at most for them to refund the money. It’s a hell of a system we have for money in this country where that can happen.

And Pop-A-Lock is just as bad. I called them in advance to try and book them to do take my lock off since I had lost my key. They quoted me a price of $45 and told me to just call as I was heading down to my storage. So, I called them when I got down there and was told call bak the next day because they were busy. That is not how you run a business when you are looking to build a customer base. So, I ended up paying twice as much for a guy who drilled himself while drilling the lock off. Needless to say I was not impressed.

But, thanks to the Mormon Missionaries I got my storage empty and moved into my new place. Making it actually look like someone lives here. It still echoes in here though. Not sure how I am going to fix that yet other than putting art on the walls. It will take time but it will get there.

I still have to unpack boxes, totes, and bags. Part of me is scared to because of the menace I faced over at my old place and another part is reassuring me that it didn’t follow me here. Working on facing my fears and getting to the unpacking even as it is hard to do. But, I suppose I have to face it if I wasn’t sure they hadn’t gotten into the stuff I shouldn’t have brought it.

Another part of me is wrestling with my identity. Part of me wants to keep being mr. nice guy, but part of me thinks I need to put on part of my mask and be a little meaner about demanding respect since people seem to have forgotten I deserve it. And, maybe all that entails is casting out those that don’t want to show me respect. Though part of me wants to do more than that. Part of me wants to bring their whole world crashing down on them like they were happy to let happen to me. Granted I set limits, but some people outright turned their backs on me when I lost everything. Right now, I am just writing my feelings out I still haven’t decided what to do. Well other than some people won’t be getting any favors from me anytime soon. And no, it is not out of anger mostly out of hurt.

But, I just finished off another my last terms towards graduation and I think I am passing both classes. Just waiting for my Public Speaking Professor to finish grading some outstanding assignments to know for sure. I know I am walking out of my Sociology Class with a B+ for sure. With everything that has gone on this term that is pretty damn good.

I am working on getting organized to start with the new beginning starting on Monday. I’m not sure what I am going to do yet tomorrow, but I do know I am not staying in this apartment all day. I think I am just going to play it by ear. I know a few errands I have to do for sure, but other than that not sure what I am going to do to be honest. I know I have a lot of options at my disposal. But, I think I am going to concentrate on just doing what is free to do for the most part. That has me planning for Friday a bit. Though I am limited for time on Friday where I am potentially dog sitting. Still have to make sure that is ok by my landlord. Among other things since that has to wait until Wednesday since they took a long weekend for the Fourth of July.

Things are starting to shape up though just have to learn some balance is all. It will get there just a matter of time. Just going to take it one day at a time and one step at a time. Right now, I am just going to worry about finishing off this day well. Tomorrow will get here soon enough after all.

And, as I have rambled on so long it is Monday and I have things to get done on top of rambling enough for now. Feel free to leave questions and comments below. As for me I am going to run some errands and get started on my new classes. *Tips his hat and walks out the door*

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