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So The New Beginning Has Started Off A Little Different Than Expected

So, the new beginning started off with a detour. It wasn’t an unexpected one, but we both agree it would be nice if I had my own apartment. Nothing against either of us. Just we both are used to having our own space and doing things a certain way. But, it has nice to be out here and visit and get to know people and catch up with others.

There have been laughs and good times and missteps. As well as lessons learned on my part. Such as that even where I am hoping to be going Monday I have to sit back and learn the ropes and relax a bit more. I think me and my new counselor are going to have to talk about the possibility of me having PTSD. My old psychiatrist thought I had it so I am thinking I might have it. I don’t have the same trauma a soldier or even some survivors of abuse have but there is some there. Especially from this last housing experience that I called my apartment for 10+ years.

I have learned while I am a social butterfly when I get into it I am not ready for it yet. I need to scale it back a bit from what I did this week. Just so I concentrate better on my work and schoolwork. But, I am not going back to being a hermit either. I am setting a goal to get out and away from wherever I get an apartment at least 3 times a week. Even if it is just a trip to visit friends. Appointments don’t count unless I do something after the appointment as well.

I also need to get myself checked for arthritis since my mom had it about my age and it wasn’t found till she was older we will say. I know part of it is my weight don’t get me wrong. But, if I do have arthritis and it can be treated as naturally as possible it would help get me moving a bit more. This week has helped me become more aware of exactly where the pain is and it needs to be dealt with. It isn’t a bad thing that I am aware of it because being aware of it helps me know what to talk to my doctor about.

I have enjoyed my time in Westbrook, but like all good things, it has to come to an end. I need my own place again. And, I miss Whoopster like crazy. As crazy as that cat can be. He is a lovable fur ball and loyal to the end and from what I hear he misses me too. My mom insists that he is going to tear my arm off. I am more of the mind that I am going to be mugged for attention for a good couple of hours before I can do anything productive.

And, even as my time in Westbrook comes to an end I plan to come back to visit often. Just I am going to wait a little while and give it a break. I figure they have had an enough of a dose of me for a little while lol. But, I know I am welcome back to visit. And, it is good to be leaving on good terms with friendships whole. As well as having learned from the experience. And, had some fun along the way.

Now I have rambled on enough for one day, and I will be back tomorrow. Feel free to leave comments and questions below. As for me I have more schoolwork and writing to do. *Tips his hat and walks out the door*.

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