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Things Are A Bit Complicated At The Moment

(Author’s Note: This was originally written June 12th as I was preparing to move out of my old apartment. It is getting published a little later than intended, but updates will be coming soon.)

I was supposed to get keys Monday as far as I knew. That didn’t happen and I am not sure why or what is going on. But, I am working on getting answers and trying to do it while being true to myself and how I got to this point. What I do know for sure is I have an apartment since they are drawing up a lease for me. Since I was told they hadn’t finished drawing up my lease. The things I think of at 4 AM in the morning. I am just scared that I am going to lose my cat if it doesn’t happen today since I have to be out of here at 2 PM.

But, at the same time, I am happy to announce the official arrival of the Coffee House Writers publishing team. We write on multiple platforms and while none of them are paid they do have their own individual perks and are resume builders. Plus, the team is supportive of one another in more than just writing and we have fun in general. For now, you will see articles coming out from me on the Millennials 365 and Medium platforms at least biweekly though I am aiming for weekly as I hear my editors groaning sarcastically in the background. We are open to more platforms as the team agrees that they fit us as a community. We are a community together that is not defined by the platform we publish on.

I am looking forward to working on a team again and publishing like I haven’t in a while. For me, this is a fulfillment of a dream started a while back. Jess our team leader is great with making ideas happen. I enjoy working with her a lot. And, she treats everyone with respect and is willing to hear everyone out. She just asks that you treat everyone else with respect as well. I like that since it was a foundation of the team I came into publishing with. And, we stick together and talk things out like adults as it should be. And, I enjoy the openness that is there with the team. I can understand how some of us need time to open up though. We have a couple members who are a little shy and they are opening up slowly but it is nice to see them jumping in more and more.

I have great professors in school right now who are working with me as I go through this housing crisis and that know I enjoy their classes and want to get all the work into them. They are willing to be flexible to an extent as long as I am willing to work extra hard to prove myself and I think that is fair. I am going to pull myself up by my bootstraps will a bit of a helping hand up.

My social life is in disarray though hopefully, it will get better soon. And some friends are not getting the special treatment they used to anymore. But, that is through their own doing. Some are going to hold a grudge and I can’t help that. I have to do what is right going forward. If they want to ask me about things that is fine. If they want to ask to start over fresh that is fine as well. But, I am looking at a door into the next stage of my life, which is full of change and people are either going to be on board or they are going to get left behind in some cases. I don’t mean to sound mean but I have to think of myself a bit more going forward. I have been thinking of others in the past far too much and shelling out too much of myself in many ways for them and it has drained me in other ways as well.

I appreciate everything that has been done for me in the past. I have put people in places they should not have been put in some cases. And, in others, it has caused some issues that shouldn’t have been allowed to happen, unfortunately. What happens going forward I am not sure at this point other than there is a change coming and some will like it and some won’t.

But, I have rambled enough for one day, feel free to leave questions and comments below. As for me, I have some work for school to do and some reading I want to get done before I have to finish the housework before noon. *Tips his hat and walks out the door*.

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