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I Tried To Play Nice But You Had To Go And Ruin It

Rebekah, you should have known better than to start making this a public battle. You should have known I would say something. You should have known I was being civil and nice when I left and now you are dragging in innocent writers into a team dispute about your leadership. Shame on you. Well, now I am taking off the gloves and telling it like it is about you and Micheal over at SNHU Odyssey. So, everyone knows why there are people complaining about it.

You have Rebekah who can’t make up her mind how she is going to run the team for more than a week or two at a time. Would rather be left to having just her favorites around her that get the views she likes and writes about what she likes. Puts up videos berating us every week and threatening strikes. And, the only reason she is there is the base pay plus 20% commission since before that came into play she was going to quit. She uses people to her own means and then throws them away. Cowers before anyone that stands up to her unless she can put a knife in their back. Hell, she pretty much has made it so no one wants to communicate the way she works things. But, hey she has your back so you are in her good graces for now so enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

Then you have Michael her current Boss who seems to be on something all the time and not giving two shits what is going on on the team. Since he lets Rebekah get away with murder. She has numerous complaints. Under him and her alone they have opened up the company to so much liability it is not even funny. If he knew how t do his job or gave a care he would have fired her to minimize the damage. Either that or he is so sure everything can be worked out or wants to avoid conflict at all cost.

Either way, I see you two going bye bye under the new owner’s plans. You are there for the wrong reasons both of you. It is all about greed and not about what Odyssey was meant to stand for. You are not there for the writing or helping the writers at all. And, a lot of us won’t be sorry to see you go.

So, this begs the question what is the future for me and Odyssey. The answer is it is up in the air. Right now, I am part of a new team that is publishing in various places. And we are quite happy working together and doing that. Since most of us are from one team in Odyssey that was managed poorly there by Rebekah and Michael. We are self-contained and take care of everything in-house.

And, maybe I am being too nice in this article since I left out a few things. Or, maybe I am waiting for the next round I have to deal with these two morons starting something with people I care about. I don’t care what they have to say about me, and I can back up what I have said here. But, keep coming after those I care about and I will make you wish you were sitting in hell on top of a volcano.

I think I am done here. Leave questions and comments below if you have any. As for me, I have some work left to do still. *Drops the mic, tips his hat, rips the door off the hinges, and eats it before walking through what remains of the frame*.

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