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Sermon: It’s Never Too Late

Everyone at some point in their life in some way shape or form goes off the path there are meant to be on. And, then they start thinking at some point that they want to get back on that path. But, that voice in the back of their head called doubt says to them that it is too late to get back on the path they are meant to be on.

I am one of those souls and I can tell you that it is never too late. I have been going down the wrong path for a long time now and yet at 35 God reached down and touched me. He guided me back to the path I was meant to be on. I still need help, but He has me going on the path that leads to that. It is not an easy quick fix, but it is a start. I will get there I just have to keep following His lead.

And, I wasn’t completely off the path since I was going to school for the talent He meant me to follow. But, I wasn’t living the spiritual life he meant me to. Nor was I doing all I needed to for my mental health. So, He triggered events to change that. It has caused pain for me, and some people don’t get me totally still. But, I am hopeful they will in the future.

He reminded me that sometimes I have to put myself first before I can help others. Since if I am not well and doing what I need to do how can I help others. A message that all my life I have struggled to understand. I just never thought much of myself and kept draining myself for others. But, that is not what He wants from me. He made me see I have a lot to offer and that I need to take care of all myself in order to be able to give that to the world.

And, you who are reading this have a lot to offer to the world as well. It might not be on a global scale it might just be in your own backyard. But, every little bit helps in the bigger picture. In tapestries, every little thread comes together to weave a strong piece of fabric that displays a beautiful picture.

But, you also have to take care of you at the same time. And, that is a hard balance to strike. And, some of us have a harder time doing it than others. That is why God put individuals who are better at taking care of themselves than other are so that they can lend a hand to the ones struggling. And, just because you struggle doesn’t mean you are weak. Just means you were given a bit more of a challenge and have to work a bit harder.

God never put a time limit on making changes to our lives. As well as repent when we stumbled. All you have to do is ask for His help, that is the first step. Admit that you need him in your life and open your soul to Him. It doesn’t have to be public it can be private. But, it is never too late. Just take a moment today and stop and think where your life is and see if t is headed down the path it should be in your soul. And, if not well that choice is up to you.

That is my testimony in Jesus Christ name Amen. Feel free to leave questions and comments below. As for me, I have academic and religious studying to do still as well as packing. *Tips his hat and walks out the door*.

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One thought on “Sermon: It’s Never Too Late

  1. Amen Buddy such an inspirational piece!


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