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Happy Mother’s Day Mom, Pam, Dawn, And Gram

It is Mother’s Day and in my lifetime, I have been blessed to have four influential women in my life. I haven’t always agreed with them mind you, but they have had an impact on my life.  They have given me guidance and lessons in life to help shape who I am. Some of them they might not like, but it is who I am.

With my mom, well she gave birth to me first and foremost. But, she has also been there to listen. Dealt with my mental illness more than anyone in the sense of helping me get treatment as well as keeping me in treatment. It’s helped me get as far as I am today where I can at least handle college and doing some of the work I do. She makes time to spend time with me as well, which is important to me. Plus, she is willing to talk on the phone when she can for a long time. And, normally we have good conversations. I’ll be honest we have gotten into arguments and probably will again. It comes from being so similar in some ways. I know she wants the best for me and I am trying to get there just keep hitting speed bumps at like 60 MPH at times.

Pam has allowed me to understand my dad and his side of the family so much better than I did before. This has helped in my recovery a lot. It also has led to me being upset at times, but not without good reason. But, she also understands the upset and helps me guide through it. She doesn’t just leave me to be upset. She reminds me of the ripple effect before I do something. And, she has tried mending the canyon between me and my dad. I honestly don’t know if that will ever fully be closed ever, but I still love him anyways. But, this post is not about him. She comes to visit when she can and when she can talk to me she does. Those talks are marathon talks usually. And, most with her on my dad’s side of the family I feel I can be me.

Dawn and I clashed at first, and for a long time. Though she did teach me the basics of taking care of myself like laundry and dishes. I’m still working on perfecting them though. Probably being in the building I grew up in where everything was done for me almost all the time wasn’t the best choice for that. My own choice and fault. But, since I go to the college she went to she has been a good person to go to for advice on classes and to talk to in general about college life since we both know what this college is like and have our own stories to share about it. And, she helped inadvertently further my love of reading and writing. She helped mold me into the geek/nerd I am today. As well as the rebel. She helped give me the backbone to stand up and tell any boss what I think of them no matter what. If you can rage at your stepmother you can rage against anyone. We get along better now though.

Gram was the first woman in my life to listen to me. She also spoiled me and taught me to bake. Though those skills are a bit rusty. But, I think I can still work with any recipe. She still listens when she has the time to. She can’t visit and for understandable reasons. She was the first to teach me the love of a good story. It is out of love and respect for her that I will wait to write some things. Don’t let the nice old lady act fool you if you push her too far she will let you know and you will feel as if you were a forest cut down by a tornado. And, she is smarter than she lets on I know that. She lets it out when we can talk freely and she can still keep up with my sharp wit. As well as follow my unfocused logic from one topic to another most of the time. Still working on the focus part and it might take medication to fix that Gram, but medication now for it doesn’t make one a zombie.

These are the motherly figures that helped shape me and continue to do so. And, there are other women out there I rely on greatly that if they had a sister day would have a post and I might just pick a day for that. There are more important figures in my life to discuss but today it is about the motherly figures. Happy Mother’s Day Mom, Pam, Dawn, and Gram. *Tips his hat and walks out the door*.

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