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I’ve Just Been Listening For A While Now

Today is about some of the issues facing this country, but I have some bombshells from my life that are coming down the line. Some sooner than others and some that will be making it into a book I am working on. More on that tomorrow.

But, going back to today. I have my opinions on issues and I know people have other opinions. I’ve also noticed that across the country we keep getting more and more polarized in our beliefs. Some of that has to do with the media being that way as well as fake news and news that isn’t news but just political propaganda plain and simple. And, that is on both sides.

The government is meant to govern all the people not just the ones that voted or them. They seem to forget that in this day and age. And, that means sitting down and listening to everyone on both sides of an issue and coming to something that works effectively for everyone. Senators Angus King and Susan Collins from Maine are right people need to stop and listen to each other in Congress and around the country. It’s time we stopped and had some uncomfortable conversations that make us think as well as understand the people that don’t agree with us.

I’ve done that for the past few months. Mind you I am still not a fan of Trump in general, but I can work with some of his ideas with some modification. Part of the problems is our country wants everything cheap as can be but also wants everything made American. At least in the jobs market. I’m sorry but we are either comfortable with third world countries doing shady things or we are not. And, if we are not then we have to be willing to pay more for things and to pay our workers a living wage to buy things and survive at the same time across the board. We have to start with the minimum wage being a living wage in that case and let everything balance out to where it should be so that everyone from the farmers to the truck drivers up to maybe around middle management is making what they should have been all along if wages had gone up properly. Yes, I know it is a pain and will take a while to balance out, but doing nothing just leads to the problem getting worse over time. In the end, only the 1% come out worse for it.

Now with a living wage being paid more people should be off welfare, which both sides want. Even those on social security should be making a living wage monthly now. So, welfare should be going to single parents and families in need of assistance.

Taxes are another issue since everyone seems to hate paying for services they may need someday or benefit from. I can support corporate taxes going down to 25% as long as loopholes are closed at the same time. I also think the truly rich should be held to a 40% tax rate since they benefit so much from the services that the government gives them and that middle class should be at around 25% and the poor should pay 15% and that those below the poverty line should pay nothing since they need the government to pay all the bills. And, everyone on all levels should be paying Social Security tax on all their income. The reason for this is because at any time they might need to go on Social Security. It is the safety net meant for everyone after all. And, we should not privatize Social Security since it is meant as a safety net. People are welcome to have 401ks, but Social Security is meant to be there for if those fails or don’t produce enough money for retirement years.

As for healthcare, it should be universal so that the government can negotiate prices on equipment and drugs to keep prices down. But, there must be a mechanism in place to make sure that doctors and patients have control over their care and not a penny-pinching government official. After all doctors and patients combined know their bodies best. To encourage more people to go into healthcare we should pay for their college education or give them a bonus of some sort for going into medical practice instead of elective medicine. As well as making sure they are paid well for their work. Along with EMTs as well. And, patients should have the ability to choose their doctors as well.

Public Education needs an overhaul as well. I understand that the general public wants their kids to have the best education possible. Part of that is looking throughout the world and seeing what works and what doesn’t along with what fits with what we want our kids to be able to do in this new age. Then take and apply it to our schools. It will take time and money but it is worth it in the long run. We also need to increase teacher salaries and treat them with more respect instead of scapegoats for what the problems in education. The problem is more of an outdated system trying to teach new knowledge and outcomes that it was not meant for. We also need at least a loose set of standards for the whole country to aspire to. Not this strict one we have now. More an outline of what everyone should know coming out of high school instead of a rigid set that cannot be adjusted from region to region where there are some differences that need to be taken into account for. The problem with doing the school choice system is that some kids will still be in a public education system that is not working when all the spots in private school are filled up as well as some students will not be protected in private school by the educational laws meant to protect them.

Now I believe in the science behind climate change and the fact and figures that are shown when it comes to it. To those that think God will take care of it all. Well, we don’t know when he is coming and he did say to take care of the land, so we shouldn’t pollute it or the air. To those that don’t find the fact and figures n climate change credible. Shouldn’t we take care of our planet anyways? Why is it such a bad thing to recycle and use renewable energy? You still need electricians to fix power problems in houses and lines where people use another source other than solar. It is just cleaner energy and those that don’t mine coal and drill for oil can easily be trained to work in jobs in these fields that pay good money. I know we all fear change but usually, it turns out good for us in the end like with electricity and toilets and indoor plumbing in general. We are supposed to be wardens of this planet not destroyers of it.

And, we have fallen behind on our infrastructure, which everyone benefits from. Whether you like to travel by car, bus, train, or plane. We need to invest in modernizing our rail lines across the country as well as our roads and buses in cities along with subway systems. Even the air traffic control system. Along with the pipes and electrical lines as well as the internet lines to make us faster and more efficient than any other country in the world. As well as having healthier sewage and water treatment than any other country. I mean we could always do nothing and play Russian Roulette with accidents and sink holes forming when water lines burst and constantly having slow internet. Or we can start doing something that creates jobs as it becomes normal to maintain and upgrade things. So that once more we are leading the world in everything like we did once before.

Also, let’s get one thing straight on my position on gun control. I am not for nor have I ever been for taking everyone’s guns. But, we do have to strengthen out background checks in this country. And, it needs to include private sales as well. That way it is harder for the criminals and those that should not have guns to be getting them. They may find a way to get them as some would say, but do you want to just hand them to them or would you rather make them have to really work to get them if they can get them at all. And, it won’t end violence, but it will put a dent in it. And, it will go a long way in making sure that as much as possible only those who should have guns have them. The problem now is that criminals go where gun control is lax and get the guns and bring them back to where it is tough. Criminals do think after all and find ways around one set of rules by going where they are not applied. I agree to apply what we have for gun laws but apply them to all sales. And, that does not include loaning a gun to your friend for a day of hunting either.

And, yes some of these illegal immigrants might have criminal records. And of course, we should not reward them with a path to citizenship and I don’t mean like traffic violations or a fight here and there at a bar or something like that. I mean the ones with drug violations and weapons charges as well as murderers and stuff like that for criminal records. As far as domestic abuse that has to be taken on a case by case basis depending on if the offender has changed his or her ways. Child abusers are also on that list of people with criminal records as well. But the others should be given a chance to have a path to citizenship. They have been here long enough to form ties to communities and learn jobs and have kids that belong here now. I am not saying they don’t have to pay penalties and back taxes. It’s not an amnesty type deal where nothing happens and everyone stays with no penalties and they don’t have to do anything to get to stay. They have to take citizenship tests and payback penalties and taxes in my book as well as have none of the crimes against them I listed above. And, they have to come forward in a span of maybe five years at most. I mean we are talking about 10 million people here that need to be dealt with in some way and this seems the speediest way and most effective way. But, we also need to prevent this from happening again. We need to have an increase in pay for immigration judges as well as incentives for people to go into working in the immigration offices to get the paperwork moving like it should be. Since a lack of judges and a back-up in paperwork is partially to blame for some of this.

As far as our military goes we need to find a balance with how we use it since we can not be the world’s policeman. We need to find a way to use diplomacy when we can and use force when we have to as well as to know the difference. There has to be a balance. We can’t just keep seesawing between all diplomacy and then next thing you know we are in like three or four wars in a sense. The world is less and less taking care of itself and more and more calling us to take care of things and yes, we need to take care of our allies at times. But, sometimes they need to handle their own business. Diplomacy is not a sign of weakness and blowing someone to kingdom come all the time does not make us strong necessarily. Both have their place and we need to find that middle ground where we are using each in the right way and at the right time. We also need to be taking better care of our veterans as well and paying them more than what we are on active duty as well as in retirement. There is no reason any veteran should be homeless.

Nevermind that anyone should be homeless. We act as if anyone who is homeless is at fault for it. There are a small few who it is there fault. And, most just need to get into a place and have services to help them get on their feet. Studies show that taking this approach is cheaper on taxpayers. We aren’t saying give them a house just a studio or one bedroom apartment in most cases and let a social worker/case manager get them into the services they need and onto their feet either working or at worst case scenario on disability that they paid for before and on housing. This way they are safe and secure and getting the treatment they need and not out on the streets in danger or potentially a danger to someone else. It works better than shuffling them from city to city or outlawing any assistance that can be given to them. In some cases, it is illegal to sit anywhere in a city or town, which is ridiculous. And, that is without me bringing religion into it.

I know it is a long post today, but I have heard from a lot of people on both sides of many of these issues and wanted to address them as best as I could in this one post. Just to unload my mind with everything I have heard. Maybe it will do some good maybe not. I am not sure. But, feel free to leave questions and comments below as always. As for me, I have a ton of cleaning to get to, but I will try to be back tomorrow at some point. *Tips his hat and walks out the door*.

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