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Not The Easiest Of Days

Today I am attending the celebration of life for my Uncle Dick, and I can’t say it is how I pictured it. But then I have only been to one event that was called a celebration of life before this. But, it does make you reflect not only on the life of the person who has passed away but also on your own life.

And, the day went well for the most part though I got upset with my sister. I have to remember that living with her is like living with mom and me and mom clash. Although I and my sister don’t normally clash as bad, but we have our moments. I have to remember she is where I was in a sense at my age. Though not sure how to reach her like I was since we don’t respond the same way to things.

I do think things in the family will be smoother once I am in my own place though. Not because I don’t love my sister. We just clash is all. And it’s not her fault. I and my mother clash as well and she is a lot like my mom. And, I and my mom have similar personalities. And, as she has agreed we are both stubborn.

I mean it is not all bad. When things are going well we can work good in the kitchen together. Or sometimes just sit and talk in her room or mine. Usually, in hers, I am watching her on her game as we talk about other things and I provide some commentary for the game at the same time.

And, when it is her day out with mom at the beginning of the month I try to do only a few errands like 5 at the most that are quick ones. And, I don’t mind if she wants to tag along on the third. Though I would prefer she let me have the front seat on those days. But, I can deal with it. And, she always acts grumpy before the 1st when I announce my errands on the first but usually isn’t when it comes.

We usually have a good time around the beginning of the month. Not so sure about the beginning of this month. It’s going to be a bit chaotic. And, I am already in pain mentally coming into it. It’s been a long few days as I have been writing this. Examining my life from all sides of things. Still not sure what is happening this month yet. Well other than I am staying in college. There are some interesting offers presented before me other than that.

I know I am going to explain myself and stand up for myself. And yes, we talked though not about anything deep. Seems that way with my family we never get too deep with emotions or issues. We just put a band-aid on it and call it good. I mean don’t get me wrong some productivity came out of the talk, but no deep talk on what is going on with the emotional issues other than admitting we clash.

I think I am going to digest this for a little bit and write my mom and email. I have my column for tomorrow which will be about politics though it will surprise people how it comes out. I’m still a bit frustrated at the moment and I need to relax and think on what was talked about today as well as how I feel about things along with how others are feeling.

But, mom and some others are right things have to change. Though I think a lot of people are not going to be happy with how I change the rules of the game. I am taking my mask off. I am not going to do things just to please people anymore.  I have been pushed around and lied about long enough. I have been walked on long enough. As a friend of mine’s daughter says you mess with the bull you get the horns. Well, my horns are out and some people are about to get them. Feel free to leave comment and questions below as always. *Tips his hat and kicks open the door taking it with him as he walks out it*.

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