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It’s Been A Great Day

So, like most Mondays this one started out a bit on the rocky side. I had a panic attack about having a seizure this morning, so I calmed down and took extra meds to be on the safe side. Whoopster was also great at helping me calm down. He is such a great cat, even if at times his mugging for attention gets in the way of me doing work. I also got some more rest to be on the safe side. Of course that caused me to miss my appointment, but I had called earlier and my case manager preferred me being on the safe side than having a seizure in her office.

But, the day got better from there. I got some breakfast and an ice coffee. I also got to see my stepfather. He doesn’t read for personal reasons, but I got him interested in the audio version of The Cuckoo’s Calling. That felt good and we had a good visit, which has me wanting to go see him more often. He is still a smart ass even with the staff where he is living just like he has always been. And, we shared a memory from when I was younger, which was nice.

My sister was a big help grocery shopping with how she made me slow down and make sure I got the best possible stuff. We had a limited budget, but we stocked the house good, and I plan to get the stuff we missed at the beginning of the month, and maybe a little more. I am going to see what I can do with the budget after looking at the bills for the month. I also have to deal with the bank tomorrow and argue with them about something that went through that shouldn’t have. That should be as fun as pulling porcupine quills out of one’s foot.

But, it has to be done and I am going to work on my housing provided I am not coming down with the flu. And, if I am I will just work on decluttering and schoolwork. I might actually work on schoolwork a bit tonight in the end. Not sure yet. Right now, listening to iHeart Radio on the TV as I write this. I found a new series I am enjoying a lot called Emerald City. It is amazing how many book series are being adapted to television currently. It is more complex than the original film The Wizard of Oz, but it is amazing at the same time. I will probably be reviewing it in the near future for Odyssey.

Of course, now it is Tuesday going into Wednesday and all I got done was becoming a bit spiritually wiser through my Mormon teachers. And, I did get some things streamlined as far as government benefits and other things. Felt like I spent most of the day doing paperwork. But, I did get my slide show started as I was writing this. I’m trying out a new template for this project to see how it works. Experimenting is how I have been finding my groove in the kitchen so applying the same principle here.

And, be prepared for my next Odyssey article to be something more cheerful. I am thinking of doing it on cats. Emailing my editor tonight on an idea, and going to see what she thinks about the idea. If my mind seems all over the place it’s because it is. But, at 3 am in the morning what can one expect. It is a good week so far just have to get back to grindstone, which I am starting to do as we speak. It should only take me four hours at most to hammer out my presentation tomorrow.

But, I have rambled on enough for one column even if it has spanned a couple of days. Feel free to leave questions and comments below as always. As for me I have a bit of work to finish up tonight and then it is bed for me. *Tips his hat and walks out the door*.

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