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I Am Both A Writer And An Artist

I have to thank Cristian Mihai for his post from 2012 titled “I am an artist” that you can find on his page also on WordPress. I follow him so it should be easy to find. His post inspired the column that is about to follow. After it is about how I am both a writer and an artist.

I mean it is obvious to most that I am a writer since I put words to paper or screen in most cases right now. But, as I thought about it I am also an artist. After all, I don’t just put any words down. I pick and choose them carefully to paint the picture I want the world to see while at the same time being honest with them.

Sometimes I am showing off my brain with my vocabulary. Other times I am picking the word carefully to show something exactly as I see or feel it. Sometimes it is just I want you to see the situation from my perspective so I word it a certain way. Now when doing fiction it is a matter of me trying to paint a character or situation a certain way. Trying to put you right there in the moment and get you to feel the emotion of the moment.

Honestly though no matter what I am writing I want you to feel something. Even if you are so mad at me you want to egg my house. Mind you I keep a dozen eggs set aside just in case someone ever does and will chase them down and bathe them in egg with that dozen eggs. But, I still don’t mind them feeling like they “want” to egg my house.

It’s not about selling a million copies for me. Though that would be nice since we all need money in this world at the moment. I just want to touch people deep down in their souls. Then again maybe that is why bestselling authors are bestselling authors. Though I try not to be all fancy with my words.

I try to be straightforward and plain-spoken with my words when I write and give it to readers as plain as I can. Almost as if we are sitting around the table playing a game telling stories. That doesn’t stop me from using colorful words, and no I am not talking about curse words either. I mean those words that just make you go wow when you read them and really picture something really clearly.

To me, it is like drawing in black and white with words. Though every so often adding some color where shading won’t do. I have more to say on black and white drawings but that will be saved for another column. But, for me when I draw with words I want them to leap off the page and reform themselves into images in black and white at the very least. Forming as realistic images as possible drawing the reader in and making them feel as much as possible.

It’s not that I sought out to be a writer, but that it is a part of me. Without writing I feel empty and incomplete. And, as much as I can be social and enjoy talking to people. I am truly at home alone in front of the computer alone with my words typing away on something even as an ambivert.

It’s like there is a connection between me and the words as I am at the keyboard. I go into a different world when I am there at the keyboard. Just me and the words as something comes over me and I write. Yet at the same time, I seek to do more to express myself.

So, I am going to see if I can find the same connection with podcasting. I’m still looking for a title. But, I want it to be sort of like Pirate Radio. No holds barred say anything on my mind. I mean granted I have my limits. But, I want to instill a feel with the listeners that there is a say anything and anything might be said environment. I mean I am not looking to start a revolution or riots. Maybe protests at most. I never want to start violence.

I just want to get the title right from the start. I want to get this right. I’m not the best public speaker in public and I don’t like hearing my own voice. But, I am taking a public speaking class in college and trying to get used to hearing my own voice. So, the podcast is probably going to be a little rough at first as I get comfortable with doing it and work out a few kinks with software and such.

As confident as I am in writing and with the written word as an artist. This is going to be a new experience and I am nervous about it. But, I have to get used to speaking to the public at some point now don’t I. I mean I will be doing book signings and public appearances at some point.

But, I have rambled on long enough to give you a clear enough picture. Feel free to leave questions and comments below as always. As for me, I am going to think about the podcast a bit while doing homework. *Tips his hat and walks out the door*.

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