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We Lost A Good Man This Week

This week my family and as far as I am concerned the state of Maine if not the world lost a good man. He was my uncle through being the father of my cousins, but you wouldn’t know any difference in how loyal he was. His name was Dick Stewart. He’s that well to do uncle that you don’t go to for anything unless you can really plead your case or it is really important. Not because he won’t give it to you but because you have too much respect for him to do that to him.

Right now, I think he is looking down proud of his family for coming together to get through this and probably wishing he had a little more time. I know even now he is in all our corners pulling for us. But, it still hurts. I didn’t meet him many times but he had an impact on my life. He was there when I was weakest to stand up for me and taught me to stand up for what is right no matter what. As well as to always be there for the family. He also eventually got through my thick head that it is alright not to be perfect. We all knew he wasn’t perfect but accepted him as he was anyways. But, who can say they are truly perfect in this day and age.

And, while Cancer took his life it did not beat him. He lived life fully up till the day he died by every account I have heard. He knew it was coming eventually, but he refused to let it beat his soul and joy for life. He spent time with his family and enjoyed life like any other day as best as he could from what I can tell. And, that is how I will choose to remember him. He was proud and could be loud at times, but you had to look past that to the real man.

He was a family man proud of his family and loyal to them through thick and thin. He cared about doing what was right especially when it came to his family. He made mistakes, but he owned up to them and did his best to make them right always. He made those around him want to work hard for him and even those that didn’t work for him want to work hard to impress him. I had hoped he would live another few years to be able to see me get my Bachelor’s Degree so he could see what all my hard work in college had been for. I know he will still be watching as I get it looking down hopefully proud of me on that day. Just would have been nice to be able to shake his hand that day.

It’s not just any man that when he hears his nephew got jumped by younger kids at 8 years old want names and addresses so he can go confront them personally. But, that was Uncle Dick always willing to go the extra mile for his family and stand up for them. My mom talked him down with reassurances that it would be deal with, but he was still adamant that something had to be done to make it right. And, he was intimidating in stature to others much like I am to my sister’s admirers so I can relate to him on that level as well. And, it is nice having someone like that in your corner. Though I have other relatives intimidating in their own right and way. But, he was different and I could relate to him on that level and the way he carried himself when need be.

But, he did prefer to be peaceful. Much like me. Neither of us like or in his case liked having to be mean. We’d rather be sitting around a table telling stories and joking. I am sure as much as he is looking down on us tonight he is also sitting around a table telling stories and joking. Or talking about women and cars as well as bikes. That includes trucks by the way and his stories would focus on those subjects.

Wherever you are Uncle Dick I am sure you are having a blast like you deserve to. Try not to get into too much trouble. Feel free to leave questions and comments below as always. As for me, I am going to attempt to do some school work while I am up as well as a little bit of cleaning. Hug your loved ones a little closer for me and for those far away let them know you love them. *Tips his hat and walks out the door*.

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One thought on “We Lost A Good Man This Week

  1. Very nice tribute.


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