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Review of Diary of A Broken Father

Now that life has stopped getting in the way I can finally do a review on this truly inspiring book, Diary of a Broken Father by Sylvia Stein. So, why call t inspiring you might ask. Well I picked this book up when I was dealing with a lot of problems. And, it inspired me to seek out the help I needed.

No, I am not an alcoholic like the main character. I am a smoker who can’t seem to quit as you well know already if you are one of our regular readers. But, this book though small is intense and emotional and will make you cry at times.

If you have read Closure by Sylvia Stein you are already familiar with the main character but if not you are still able to relate to him as well. Though I recommend reading both personally. It is even more impactful that way.

Also, kudos to the author for all her research into recovering alcoholics and how they might write and what they might suffer as is shown in this book. Also, kudos to showing how stubborn us men can be about going to the doctor. Admit it guys how many times have we all said I should call my doctor about something and just conveniently forgotten to later. I know I have.

Sylvia also brings characters more to life that we only got glimpses of in Closure in this book. She also left this reader wanting to hear more of his thoughts, though I get why.  And, you will lose track of time reading this and be inspired.

Even if you have no addictions you will be inspired to live life better.  Sylvia Stein is one of those authors that will move you and inspire you no matter what you believe in. She will have you concerned one minute smiling the next and then crying again. I know she did that to me in one chapter of this book.

If you are still reading at this point all I ca say is. Why? Go get this book. Do you really need to read to the end of the review after hearing all I have said so far to decide whether to get this book or not? I would think not I would say go get this book you will not be disappointed. And, if you need my final verdict to be able to make a choice I am giving this book 5 stars out of 5 stars.

And, now I have rambled on enough for one day, but feel free to leave questions and comments as always. As for me I have a lot of work to do tonight so I have to get to it quickly. *Tips his hat and walks out the door*.

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