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We’re Moving

No, I am not moving physically. I am moving the blog to here at Blogger has just become too incompatible with too many services that would help me grow bigger. And, in our new home I can take it with me and move it anywhere I need to as well.  It also appears all I have to do is upload the file after I write it at most instead of all this copy and pasting stuff I have to with Blogger. Making it much simpler to post.

Hopefully I can still track views and all with it as well, but we will have to wait and see. But, I am working to build my identity online more now than ever, and Blogger limits it a bit. I hope you will all follow me to my new home. As well as bear with me as I adjust to it. I don’t have long to spend on this post tonight. I have to get dinner soon for myself. I also have work to do as well. I have an assignment to finish some scripture work to do. Then the last-minute push for inspection before a meeting tonight. This is a meeting for just me so no one get alarmed. I am more excited for tomorrow than anything. And, confident we will do well.

I am also feeling more confident about this time of not smoking as well. If anyone want to by a mostly full bag of tobacco and a rolling machine as well as two and a third boxes of tubes off me let me know. The rolling machine is a metal hand crank machine. I have plenty to do to keep me busy and meetings to go to and supports to keep me going as well as people to go visit. Along with work around the house to do. I am ready for this. I just have to remember to take deep breathes and plenty of vitamin C.

And, to vent in my writing when I need to about it. So, be ready for plenty of posts on Facebook and here. I will also be in overdrive on school and writing as well. I feel pumped up right now after a very frustrating afternoon. I am ready to rock’n’roll. I am feeling energized. Might be the caffeine talking as well. I am getting my sleep machine ready for later after dinner as well. It is going to be a rocking night. My sister is being a big help tonight. She is starting to understand what she has to do somewhat.

Whoopster has been affectionate helping me with my depression. Although mugging me when I am writing is not all that helpful at times. He still flips out a but now and then running everywhere in the house. But, mostly he is a good cat and has calmed down a lot. He still misses Tim being around as much, but he is adjusting. I know eventually Tim will visit him more. Probably when I am in my new place. I am still working on getting balance.

I had a good visit with the Mormon Elders that helped me feel good. It was good seeing Brother Coombs. Me and him had a good talk and he has helped me get ready to quit and feel better about things. I had missed him being around. He is a good friend. And, they have me wanting to get more board games as well. I feel like I am finding my way once more. Like I am back on the steady path I had wandered off a bit for a while. It happens to everyone. And, I will get to the book review tomorrow I am sorry I have kept you all waiting just life keeps getting in the way.

But, I have rambled on long enough for this post and much longer than I intended to. Feel free to leave questions and comments as always. That has not changed even with the blog moving. And, will not change. I will work to be better than before at replying to them. But, first there is work to be done. I hope everyone has a blessed evening. *Tips his hat and walks out the door*.

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